Isis.  Isis from AustraliaStatue Imported from Australia by Pixie Dust.  Hand painted with mirrored tiles and crystals.  Quantities are limited. 

Isis, the Egyptian goddess of rebirth remains one of the most familiar images of empowered and utter femininity.

The goddess Isis was the first daughter of Geb, god of the Earth, and Nut, the goddess of the Overarching Sky. Isis was born on the first day between the first years of creation, and was adored by her human followers.

Unlike the other Egyptian goddesses, the goddess Isis spent time among her people, teaching women how to grind corn and make bread, spin flax and weave cloth, and how to tame men enough to live with them (an art form on which many of us would welcome a refresher course!)

Isis taught her people the skills of reading and agriculture and was worshipped as the goddess of medicine and wisdom.



Millennial GaGaiaia, Mother Earth

8 1/2 I
nches Tall  $88.00

Even small children intuitively know Mother Earth or Mother Nature. She is the oldest and most universally worshipped religious icon in all of human experience. Her images and figurines date back to over 30,000 years ago, and are found all over Eurasia .






Aphroditie, Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty
8 3/4 Inches Tall     $62









Eros, the Greek God of Sexual Passionate Love
8 3/4 Inches Tall    $62








Dianna Godess of the hunt11


Dianna, Goddess of the Hunt
8 1/2 Inches Tall      $57











Luna Wall Plaque
6 Inches Tall

In the universal language of mind, the moon represents awareness in subconscious mind. The subconscious mind stores our understood experiences and is responsible for re-creating from our thought forms which become our experiences.






Green Man15


Bacchus wall plaque
6 Inches Tall

Bacchus was the Roman god of  the grape harvest, winemaking and wine, of ritual madness and ecstasy.  His festivals were the beginning of Roman theatre.





Green Man


The Green Man is an archetypal figure signifying irrepressible life. He is also a composite image, of man and plant, therefore a union of humanity and the vegetable world, and he knows and tells us the secrets of Nature.    $33







Mari, The Sea Goddess
6 Inches Tall   $33

Mari reigns over the World of Dreams, she is the one that holds us together, the one that makes it possible. Her power is infinite, as she is the perfect being, a model for every sentient one.





8000 Zeus

Zeus, God of the Sky and Thunder
12 Inches Tall

Zeus is the “Father of Gods and men” who rules the Olympians of Mount Olympus as a father rules the family. He is the god of sky and thunder.






Eros and Psyche


Eros and Psyche
11 Inches Tall

Aphrodite was jealous of the beauty of mortal princess Psyche, as men were leaving her altars barren to worship a mere human woman instead, and so she commanded her son Eros, the god of love, to cause Psyche to fall in love with the ugliest creature on earth. But instead, Eros falls in love with Psyche himself and spirits her away to his home.  $76





Three Graces


The Three Graces
10 1/2 Inches Tall

Goddesses of charm, beauty, nature, human creativity, and fertility. They ordinarily numbered three, from youngest to oldest: Aglaea (“Splendor”), Euphrosyne(“Mirth”), and Thalia (“Good Cheer”).   S55.00






9 Inches by 9 Inches

Odin is a principal member of the Æsir (the major group of the Norse pantheon) and is associated with war, battle, victory and death, but also wisdom, Shamanism, magic, poetry, prophecy, and the hunt. Odin has many sons, the most famous of whom is Thor.    $89.99





10 Inches Tall

Freyja rules over her heavenly afterlife field Fólkvangr and there receives half of those that die in battle, whereas the other half go to the god Odin’s hall, Valhalla. Within Fólkvangr is her hall, Sessrúmnir. Freyja assists other deities by allowing them to use her feathered cloak, is invoked in matters of fertility and love.   $79.99





Birth of Venus

10 Inches Tall

Venus, is the Roman goddess whose functions encompassed love, beauty, sex, fertility, prosperity and victory   $42





Pair of Foo DogsPair of Foo Dogs
6 1/2 Inches Tall

Doorway guardians, one male holding the world and one female keeping a protective familial paw on a cub.  $57.95 pair


Aviary Photo_130758615092439905

Ganesha, The Destroyer of Obstacles   7 1/2 inches
The son of Shiva and Parvati, Ganesha is the Lord of success and destroyer of evils and obstacles.The elephant head denotes wisdom and its trunk represents Om, the sound symbol of cosmic reality. The broken tusk that Ganesha holds like a pen in his lower right hand is a symbol of sacrifice, which he broke for writing the Mahabharata. His fan-like ears convey that he is all ears to our petitions for help. And he is humble enough to ride the lowest of creatures, a mouse. Ganesha is the most beloved and worshipped of all gods in the Hindu pantheon.    $59  




mini ganesh


Mini Ganesh  2″ high  $9.99



Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of light, beauty, good fortune and wealth. Being the wife of Vishnu, Lakshmi also signifies love and grace. While Lakshmi is generally worshipped to achieve success, she does not give her blessing to anyone who is lazy or desires her only as wealth.   10″


Jizo with red bib


Jizo Bodhisattva with Red Bib.   Jizo is the embodiment of the desire to save all people from suffering.
He is the protector of women, children and travelers.   In Japan, Jizo is placed at the front door of homes wearing a red bib to ward away illness.  4″ high   $14.95






This very large carved jade Buddha is absolutely stunning!    He is very heavy and will require special shipping and handling.
Please call us if you’re interested in him.    (941)366-6325