Mala and Prayer Beads


sandalwood mala









Gorgeous traditional sandalwood mala 108  bead necklace.  $24.95



sandalwood prayer mala bracelet







Sandalwood Prayer Bracelet -$9.99  currently out of stock



pearl mala









Freshwater pearl hand knotted on silk cord.
Made by our very own Cyndi!   No two are ever alike.  $111.11


rose quartz mala









Knotted 108 bead Rose Quartz Mala



labradorite mala









Knotted 108 bead Labradorite Mala


malachite mala









Knotted 108 Bead Malachite Mala











Knotted Blue Sunstone 108 Bead Mala


tiger eye mala









Knotted Tiger Eye 108 Bead Mala


amethyst mala









Knotted amethyst 108 bead mala



crystal mala









Quartz crystal 108 bead mala