A beautiful bowl—polished aluminum, crackled glass, or hand-thrown stoneware—that holds written bowlsacknowledgment of the blessings in your life. The most meaningful gift you’ll ever receive, the Blessings Bowl is a gift of gratitude, a way to connect with our spirituality, a customized gift that celebrates life’s blessings.

What is in the Blessings Bowl® gift set?

Elegant paper and pen, rich ribbon and poetry, a handmade bowl, a distinguished box with ribbon closure, and the opportunity to touch someone else’s life. Instructions guide you gently through the process of creating your gift, and set you on the path of spreading gratitude and awareness of the richness of our interconnected lives.

How does it work?

The Blessings Bowl® set allows you, the gift-giver, to personalize a paper scroll describing how the recipient has somehow touched your life. Poetry encourages the recipient to add their own scrolls to the bowl, documenting ways they believe they are blessed. The end result: a beautiful bowl full of reminders of the richness of their life.`


Mini Heart Bowl

This miniature heart-shaped aluminum bowl comes in a black, faux-suede pouch with red satin ribbon. Inside the bowl rests a single scroll whichmini heart blessings bowl states You Are Loved. A terrific gift for friends, children, partners, other family members . . . this graceful and beautiful swooping heart can rest on shelves, desks, or bedside tables to remind your loved one of your thoughts. The bowl is approximately 2.5 inches by 3 inches, and 1 inch tall.  The pouch is 4 inches x 5 inches.  $19.99



Petite Blessings Bowl

“Our world celebrates the joy of you.” These are the words printed on the scroll inside our Petite Blessings BowlBlessings Bowl®. A beautiful party favor, memento, or thank-you gift, this elegantly packaged miniature (approximately 3 1/2 inches in diameter) Blessings Bowl® comes ready-to-give.

This set includes navy box, shimmering silver ribbon, polished aluminum bowl with pre-printed scroll, and tag which describes the set.  $24.99

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Glass Blessings Bowl

Glass, gently shaped and finished with a crackled texture, makes this set one of our most popular. The soft celery-green fabric box is tiedglass blessings bowl with hand-dyed silk ribbon in a beautiful blend of ivory, green and salmon pink.

This set includes fabric-wrapped box with hand-dyed silk ribbon, hand-crafted glass bowl, envelope with 12 specialty papers, 12 narrow silk ribbons, pen, poem cards, and instructions.

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Polished Aluminum Bowl

The original version of the Blessings Bowl, our polished aluminum bowl is made by artisans using Blessings Bowlelements of the earth to create this simple, lustrous bowl in our signature shape. Elegant, refined, and beautiful, this set remains the perfect choice for celebrating special events and expressions of gratitude.

This set includes burgundy box with ivory ribbon, polished aluminum bowl, envelope with 12 specialty papers, 12 ivory satin ribbons, pen, poem cards, and instructions.

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The Manifestation Bowl

Our Manifestation Bowl is a visual reminder of our ability to create. A receptacle for representations of manifestation bowlwhat we want to bring into our life, this bowl provides a focus for our creative abilities. Charged with a positive life-force energy and graced with inspiring words and a spiral charm, this set is a powerful tool for self or others.

This set includes gift box with ribbon, unique, antique-copper finished aluminum bowl with spiral design in bottom, poem card/bookmark with metal spiral charm, and instructions.



Healing Bowl

Our Healing Bowl set is a beautiful gift for oneself or others, appropriate for physically as well as emotionally challenging times. The hand-thrown deep blue stoneware bowl is charged with a purposeful, Blessings Bowlhealing Reiki energy, and holds a scroll inscribed with encouraging words, and a clear, recycled glass Lovestone heart. The scroll is wrapped with a blue and crystal jeweled, beaded wire. The instruction card suggests the bowl’s owner add to the bowl any other tokens, talismans, or words that will help them through their own, unique healing process.

This set includes hand-thrown stoneware bowl with spiral design in bottom, preprinted scroll with jeweled wire wrap, recycled glass Lovestone heart, crushed velvet pouch, poem card, and instruction card.