Free Tarot and Qabalah Study Group Resumes in January!



for PERSONAL GROWTH and SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION in the B.O.T.A. Western Mystery Tradition


  • The esoteric meanings of the symbols in the Major Arcana 
  • How Tarot cards relate to The Qabalistic Tree of Life
  • How to meditate using Tarot Cards
  • How to use the wisdom of Tarot & Qabalah to feel happier, be more productive, and evolve into the person that you want to become


Dr. Elinor Greenberg is a licensed psychologist (NY) and internationally respected Gestalt Therapy psychotherapist, writer, and trainer.  Her interest in pre-psycho-analytic systems of personal growth led her to study Tarot intensively and Tarot led her to Kabbalah and then to the Builders of the Adytum (B.O.T.A.), a Western Mystery school dedicated to the betterment of all through teaching the Ageless Wisdom of Sacred Tarot and Holy Qabalah.  She holds three degrees in Tarot from the Tarot School (, is a member of B.O.T.A. ( and is certified as a Kabbalist by the International Kabbalah Association.

WHEN:  Sunday   January 10, 2016   2–4pm

WHERE: Pixie Dust Metaphysical Boutique

1476 Main Street

Sarasota, FL


WHAT: The Mysteries of KEY 9 The Hermit


Rebecca Merz Offers Psychomanteum Sessions at Pixie Dust


Rebecca Merz, PhD. will be joining the Pixie Dust team in November to offer psychomanteum sessions.   The modern-day psychomanteum, developed by Dr. Raymond Moody, was derived from ancient practices in Greece. It is a dimly-lit ritual space with a mirror at one end used to focus attention. The mirror is angled to reflect the surrounding darkness. A psychomanteum session is a guided three-part process involving intention-setting, mirror-gazing, and integrating the experience. The psychomanteum is commonly used by grieving individuals who are open to exploring a possible connection with a deceased loved one. The experience may assist in addressing feelings of sadness, anger, guilt, or other emotions in response to the death of a family member, child, friend, pet, or other relationship. It is common for grieving individuals to desire or attempt to communicate with the deceased. Experiencing a psychomanteum session allows you to explore this desire in an emotionally supportive, safe, and confidential environment.

The psychomanteum may also be used by individuals seeking insight about major life transitions, recent losses, or other life questions. It is common for new perspectives, shifts, and creative solutions to emerge, leading to healing and positive change.

About Rebecca Merz, Ph.D

For over 13 years, Dr. Rebecca Merz has been helping individuals to access deeper levels of consciousness to bring about healing and change, and to enhance creativity. She researched the transformative and healing effects of the psychomanteum process for 7 years during her work as a psychomanteum facilitator and research coordinator at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in Palo Alto, California. Her doctoral dissertation on the topic has been presented nationally and is published online. She holds a Doctorate in Transpersonal Psychology with doctoral-level certification in Clinical Psychology. In addition to offering guided psychomanteum sessions at Pixie Dust Metaphysical Boutique, Dr. Merz practices counseling combined with brain-based technologies at MindSpa Integrative Wellness Center in Sarasota.

Big Announcement!

At the same time we’re celebrating our third anniversary, we are going to be moving down the street to a larger store!   We plan to be open at our original store at 1547 Main Street through Saturday, October 17.   We will close for a few days for the move and then reopen in our new, new locationexpanded store at 1476 Main Street one week later on Saturday, October 24!

We will be easy to find–directly across the street from Patrick’s…look for the big yellow awning!   That awning will soon have our Pixie on it front and center!

The new store will be spacious and comfortable for you to take your time and browse.  In addition to having a little more elbow room, this also means MORE COOL STUFF!!    It also means that we’re adding new services!     We will have massage with three talented licensed massage therapists offering the best in relaxation and therapeutic relief.   You’ll be able to choose a quick chair massage, a longer deep tissue massage, Reiki sessions and other forms of energy healing, as well as hot stone and crystal chakra massage!

Pixie Dust will begin free 15 minute mini-classes every Friday in November.  Topics will include chakras, crystals, pendulums and more!  More involved and detailed classes will also be offered including The Work of Byron Katie by Lee Greenbaum, Psychic Development with Elaine, Runes with Johnna and more!

Also–Dr. Rebecca Merz will be joining Pixie Dust to offer Psychomanteum sessions!   This is an amazing process.   More in a later blog about it.

Akashic Records Readings

We are happy to introduce Billy Brown as our Akashic Records Reader.

Akashic Records readings with Billy.
Akashic Records readings with Billy.

The Akashic Records are the record of all of our knowledge and experiences since our Soul was separated from source. These records are vast and extend through all time: past, present, and future.   We currently only have the memories and knowledge of this lifetime. Billy can access to the knowledge your soul has gained over all of its journeys.   That knowledge can help in ways.   It can give answers to your most difficult questions.   It can guide you to find what course of action will benefit you most.   You can receive knowledge about past life influences that are affecting  your life now.

Billy is at Pixie Dust from 3-5 on Thursdays and Fridays.   30 minute readings are $50.   Give a call to schedule your appointment!

Environmentally Conscious Moldavite Jewelry

Large Moldavite with European Herkimer Diamond set in 925 Sterling Silver.

Our supplier of these gorgeous pendants is a family business located in the heart of the Czech Republic. Moldavia has become more rare and prices have skyrocketed. A great deal of Moldavite is dug illegally and caused environmental damage and loss of land to farmers. Our supplier consciously and ethically mines Moldavite on their farm. As they mine this amazing cosmic gem, they are simultaneously transforming their land into a vibrant organic farm. All this jewelry is handcrafted and one of a kind.

Faceted Moldavite with Chrysocolla set in 925 Sterling Silver.
Faceted Moldavite with Chrysocolla set in 925 Sterling Silver.
Moldavite and Rutilated Quartz set in 925 Sterling Silver.
Moldavite and Rutilated Quartz set in 925 Sterling Silver.

Hamsa, Mezuzah and Jewelry Imported from Israel

This beautiful Hamsa hand and Mezuzah cover with blessings for the home is handmade in Israel by Iris Shemesh. A work of art which fuses a traditional decorative motif with an original contemporary design.
The Hamsa hand is a traditional ancient symbol of Divine protection against negative energies and remains to this day a symbol of luck and protection, as well as a popular decorative motif throughout Israel and the Middle East in both art and jewelry.   We have several styles plus beautiful handmade jewelry from Iris Shemesh.

mezuzah caseLuck Health Love Hamsa

The End of Suffering: The Work of Byron Katie Workshop

The End of Suffering

The Work of Byron Katie, Facilitated by Lee Greenbaum, Certified Facilitator

The Work of Byron Katie is a simple and profound process of inquiry–a way
to identify and question the stressful beliefs that cause us to suffer, a
way to clear the mind and move from confusion to understanding.  Katie
found that when she believed her thoughts she suffered and that when she
didn’t believe her thoughts, she didn’t suffer, and that this is true for
every human being. Through the inquiry, the four questions of The Work,
you find your own answers, the ones that are true for you, and free
yourself from the prison of the mind.
The Work is a meditation, a way to end the internal war and a way to find
peace with yourself and with the world – anyone with an open mind can do
Join me for this opportunity to experience the life changing power of
All are welcome regardless of experience with The Work.

Dates: Sunday, March 22nd, 2015
Schedule: 9 AM – 4 PM
Location: Pixie Dust Metaphysical Boutique

Cost $125  Must register in advance!
1547 Main Street
Sarasota, Florida

Mediumship Readings with Laura Willey

Certified Spiritualist Medium Laura Willey returns to

Spiritualist Medium Laura Willey
Spiritualist Medium Laura Willey

Pixie Dust!!!

Back by popular demand, Laura Willey will be offering private readings from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm daily starting on Monday, February 10 through Saturday, February 12.   Cost is $65 for 1/2 hour and $125 for an hour.

Evening with the Spirits Gallery Event

Thursday, February 12  6:30-8:30 P.m.    $50 per person

About Laura Willey:
Laura is a Certified Spiritualist Medium and a long time member of The Swampscott Church of Spiritualism where she serves on the board of trustees.  Laura also serves as a lecturer and platform medium at services..   She also works as a medium during the church’s Medium’s Nights and Spirit Festivals as well as having done private readings for numerous clients.   Laura owns “Spirit of Love Healing and Development Studio” where she is devoted to helping people heal thru the understanding that life continues after the change called death.  Laura has remained committed to developing herself as an evidential medium through her classes with the church.  Her experiences with spirit and the clients she has read for have taught her that medium-ship is the highest, and most pure form of healing and that it is an important part of the grieving process. She believes that the realization of the continuity of life and bringing through evidence of our loved ones in spirit brings a deep sense of inner peace, comfort and true healing.Laura is a Certified Reiki Master Teacher of Dr. Usui’s System of Natural Healing. Laura is also a Lightarian Reiki Master.

Marcia Bender Returns to Pixie Dust

Special Guest Reader!

Mini Readings with Sarasota’s Grande Dame of Tarot, MARCIA BENDER

Saturday, December 20


15 minutes only $25

Rider Waite Tarot deck
Rider Waite Tarot deck


Marcia has been reading tarot and teaching here in Sarasota for over 30 years.  She is a former local metaphysical TV talk show host and has taught more than 400 people her own style of tarot reading.

Marcia usually reads privately in her own home for in-depth readings but she has been kind enough to agree to offer 15 minute readings at Pixie Dust!   This is the first time in many years that she has made an appearance at a local shop.   Don’t miss this rare opportunity to sit with her!   Call to schedule your appointment right away!