Aura-Soma Color Care System

aura soma bottles

The Aura-Soma system is a non-intrusive, self-guided, energy based healing system which works in accord with the highest intent and greatest good of the user. Aura means Light, Soma means Body, thus Aura-Soma aids in the development of the Light Body, the subtle body of light that surrounds our physical body, the body that houses the health of all our emotions.

The Aura-Soma Color-Care® products are intended to bring ease, balance and calm to our energetic system and subtle body, restoring the free flow of energy through it while strengthening and protecting its integrity. As harmony and balance is restored, we enjoy a much greater sense of ease and fulfilment at all levels of our being, and thus in all areas of our lives.

Equilibrium, the dual colored combinations at the heart of the Aura-Soma system, was created in 1983. During an inspired meditation, Vicky Wall, a clinically-blind herbalist and surgical chiropodist, was guided as if by unseen hands to create the Equilibrium bottles which she described as a window to the soul. Equilibrium contains the energies of color, plants, herbs and crystals which support the evolution of our consciousness propelling us towards our greatest potential.

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