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Akashic Records Readings

We are happy to introduce Billy Brown as our Akashic Records Reader.

Akashic Records readings with Billy.
Akashic Records readings with Billy.

The Akashic Records are the record of all of our knowledge and experiences since our Soul was separated from source. These records are vast and extend through all time: past, present, and future.   We currently only have the memories and knowledge of this lifetime. Billy can access to the knowledge your soul has gained over all of its journeys.   That knowledge can help in ways.   It can give answers to your most difficult questions.   It can guide you to find what course of action will benefit you most.   You can receive knowledge about past life influences that are affecting  your life now.

Billy is at Pixie Dust from 3-5 on Thursdays and Fridays.   30 minute readings are $50.   Give a call to schedule your appointment!