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Our Psychic Readers and New Age Store in Sarasota

Inside Pixie Dust
Inside Pixie Dust


Pixie Dust was founded on the basis of the idea of “coexistence.”  It is intended to be a place of love and light, welcoming people of all religions, races and creeds.   In Pixie Dust, Buddha statues sit side by side with representations of Pagan goddesses, Christian crosses, Hindu deities, Stars of David and all manner of items representing New Age thought.



Our Founder

Founder Johnna White has Johnnaa double Bachelor of Arts in Literature and Mass Communications, is a Reiki Master/teacher, certified hypnotist, ordained minister, rune and tarot reader, priestess, and lifelong student of all things metaphysical.  After a long career in sales management, opening Pixie Dust is the realization of a lifelong dream.  She relocated to Sarasota after many years of residence in Salem, Massachusetts.


Services offered by appointment at Pixie Dust:

  • Intuitive and Psychic Readings

  • Past Life Regression

  • Intuitive Relaxation therapy

  • Classes and Workshops–See Upcoming Events listings

Our Readers

We have different renowned psychic readers daily.   Call for appointments.

This is the usual schedule of readers but tends to change sometimes.






Saturday–Susan, Tammy


Please visit the Psychic Readings page for details


Our Massage Therapists:








Massage and energy healing with Nicole by appointment.


If you wish to hold an event at Pixie Dust, here is what you need to know…

After some unfortunate situations, we’ve had to make some rules for presenters.   These are:

1) You must pay for your own advertising and promote your own event.

2) Pre-registration is your responsibility.

3) Your event must uphold a standard of love and light for people of all ideologies.  It must also be approved as being a fit for our space.

4) There will be a pre-arranged fee for usage of Pixie Dust.   Due to some losses and abuse of our generosity, we can no longer offer free space unless your event is also free of charge and will include some kind of healing or important informational benefit to the community.


Contact us:        Phone:  941-366-6325       Email:  johnna@dustypixie.com