t_as07272: “The Clown”


Top: Blue
Lower: Orange
Shakes Together As: Violet flecked w/ Gold

Chakra: 2nd & Throat
Tarot Card: Seven of Pentacles

Main Theme: Joyful insights to be communicated from within.

Dominant Characteristics: Knows one’s own emotional needs, whereby a sense of independence has been reached. Is in contact with the own instincts. Speaks from the depths of one’s own experience, thereby touching others. Insights and instincts truly come from deep within. Has a lot of humor, the ability to laugh at oneself. The ability to step aside repeatedly and thus, constantly view things anew.

Possible Challenge Aspects: Leans towards relationships where there is a sense of dependency. May have difficulty letting in and expressing feelings. A lack of humor.

Spiritual Level: Stimulates insight and deep happiness. Aids the user in expressing the inner truth. Can connect the individual with true humility.

Mental Level: Allows for an understanding of mental processes. Makes it easier to differentiate whether the “little ego” or the higher self is speaking.

Emotional Level: Helps one to feel which personality aspect is on the surface, so there is greater observation and discernment. Enables the user to care for his/her own emotional needs and express them. The ability to laugh at oneself or at situations in life.

Where to Apply the Substance: Around the entire trunk.

Affirmation: I let go all tensions so that in the space created, peace enters in.