t_as106106: “Archangel Ratziel”


Top: Misty Pale Olive
Lower: Misty Lilac
Shakes Together As: Surprise

Keynote: Reciprocal maintenance and the inner alchemy of the heart.

Healing Benefits:

• Transmutation in the deep unconscious to let go of the bitterness of the past held in the heart and the conscious mind.

• May help to loosen the deeper layers of conditioned patterns from the past.

• Lilac in the lower fraction can facilitate a process of deep transmutation; the pale olive indicates that the veils which cloud our vision are being parted and our transformation has begun.

• In learning to trust in the star at the centre of our being, the alchemy within the golden area unfolds and inner confidence expands.

Where To Apply: Apply in a band around the body in the areas of the 3rd/solar plexus chakra, 4th/heart chakra and along the hairline.

Affirmation: I knowingly participate in the unfolding of the plan on earth.