t_as114114: “Archangel Raguel”


Top: Mid Tone Coral
Lower: Deep Magenta
Shakes to: Dark Coral

Main Theme: Human relations, the way we relate to one another. Very few can just let one another be. Perhaps this is because so often we don’t let ourselves be so it becomes difficult not to have expectations of one another. Archangel Raguel is a mediator, restoring harmony where there has been disharmony.

*Raguel is referred to as the Archangel of harmony and fairness, known for healing arguments or misunderstandings.

*Putting our love in the little things increases the love in the way that we relate to others.

*Brings forgiveness, peace and calm between people and heals misunderstandings. Raguel may help us to come to a new awareness in all our relationships.

*The more worthy we feel within ourselves, the less we feel a sense of lack in our relationships with others.

*Assists in being able to be able to see both sides of a situation helps to bring balance in any ensuing action. There is also a strong non-judgmental quality with Raguel. As we bring the possibility of non-judgmental awareness to ourselves it also helps us not to judge others.

*Helps us to go beyond comparison. It is important for us to know that we need to honor our path. In the same way it is also important to honor the path of another. We can each be part of the solution if we honor each other, so to suspend comparison can be very helpful.

Raguel is about justice and harmony in relation particularly in human interactions. In situations where we offer uninvited advice or opinions it can be disruptive to another and here Raguel supports us to wait until we are asked.

*Helps us to return in harmony, to our core values or principals. When we suspend judgment and just cultivate awareness, it is possible to see more, to have more clarity.

*Reminds us about putting care and warmth in the little things, those things that we ordinarily do automatically or unconsciously.