t_as113113: “Archangel Cassiel”


Top: Emerald Green
Lower: Mid-Tone Olive
Shakes to: Olive

Main Theme: The opportunity to make that transition to a new level of hope as we let go of the disappointments of the past. The resentments and bitterness transformed, not to wishful thinking but to a new sense of hope.

We need support, especially at this time, that the truth that lies in our hearts can connect with the watching, the ‘not knowing’. This may seem quite a complicated statement but in actual fact it is really simple. To know that ‘we don’t know’ is fundamental. It is something that opens the door through gratitude, through a sense of emptiness to a deep sense of something that is beyond the beloved, the source of love in existence. At this point in time Cassiel represents something of this energy, how we might interact with this energy for ourselves through a re-evaluation of the ‘I AM’.

A new perspective of spiritual self confidence is born.

Relates to deep levels of cellular memory, particularly the cellular memory around the matrix or the constructs that are the patterns of tension that have produced the modification of the heart.

If we can imagine Cassiel as a love that is ‘beyond all understanding’, a love that is absolutely without limits (boundless) then Cassiel could help us to release our heartache, our sense of betrayal or disappointment.

Archangel Cassiel has been very much worked with and invoked in the Kabbalistic, Judaic-Christian tradition. He/she is an Archangel without attribution in the way in which it is expressed in all the texts. It is said that Cassiel is a solitary Archangel not normally in association with other Archangels. Alone and melancholy Cassiel sheds tears of release and through the deep sadness brings a new sense of space and place. The dove of peace carries away that which troubles us on or in the arena of life. As the direction becomes clearer, our difficulties are transformed through the depth of love.

Can be a balancer in relation to the male/female aspects within ourselves, the light and the dark. The wisdom and bliss that lies at the deeper levels of our being.

Cassiel’s work is to do with karma to help us to get through the condensation of the karmic lessons taking place.


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