t_as112112: “Archangel Israfel”


Top: Turquoise
Lower: Mid-Tone Royal Blue
Shakes to: Dark Turquoise

Main Theme: those who are seeking their true purpose – why they are here and how to get in touch with what is asked of them.

When we see the Royal Blue in any of the bottles we might think of the implications of the Royal Blue and the Gold connection where the Gold connects us to all of the energy centers of ourselves. So it is with Israfel. Within the upper fraction as we consciously touch that Turquoise process of individuation, the process which is the creative communication of our hearts, we are also in a position to be able to touch what is within our Golden star; the true self communicating through us so that we become the Way as the Logos within ourselves is re-activated within us.

This moment in time is critical for change, some of these changes might present worthy challenges and some may bring the potential for things to come together within a new order. Israfel requests that we ask the Angels to support us at this transitional time. Israfel helps to call with our true voice, the voice of our heart, through the star, to reach whichever Angel is there to work with us to greet the beloved.

Israfel has been called a Seraphim, to call her name is said to open the fifth gate —a connection with the fifth level of letting go. The energy that comes about through the B65 Violet/Red bottle (the heaven on earth potential, where the head is in heaven and the feet are on earth) is present at the fifth gate. The fifth gate is also to do with the throat (5th Chakra) and the energy that moves through there, as supported with the Turquoise of Israfel.

Bottle 112 can be thought of as aiding in the removal of ignorance, the removal of what stands in our way, obscuring what is before us. Sometimes this concept of an obstacle that needs to be overcome has an association with the dragon; we can think of Israfel as dispelling the negative association of the dragon energy and herein feel a deep connection with Archangel Michael. Israfel has been referred to as one of the newer Angels in the archangelic host.

Israfel supports the possibility for us to draw our true nature, our true self, our transcendent reality into being; here we can see that transmutation we discussed with the double B56. There is a sense of being re-born with Israfel, this re-birth having been initiated by Archangel Gabriel.