t_as111111: “Archangel Daniel”


Top: Mid-Tone Royal Blue
Lower: Mid-Tone Olive
Shakes to: Turquoise

Main Theme: Clarity in relationship or partnership

In relation to microcosmic being then Daniel also manifests as the possibility of letting go through the breath. To breathe in heavenly love, to breathe in compassion, caring and warmth and to breathe out pain, fear and the hurts and betrayals of the past enables us to find a new sense of clarity. Daniel supports us to find a better way, to not be in a situation where we do not feel the love that is being manifested is the love we need, want or deserve. Daniel is also concerned with the inspiration towards change both within ourselves and also within our relationships in the world.

Daniel’s qualities also include truth and harmony. He assists us in seeing circumstances correctly, to see them in a clear light so that we might be able to act most appropriately. Where there has been deception and difficulties in communication he brings clarity, bringing light to hidden manipulations and thus bringing clarity into relationships, a significant aspect of Daniel.

Daniel brings a sense of real ease into being where previously there have been certain anxieties then he may help to dissolve those subtle anxieties. Many different situations that relate to legality or matters of justice are also within his remit and his way of being. To translate some of the purposes of Daniel into human activity is very difficult because as an archangel of the transmission of love and all its qualities (which is largely his domain) it is difficult for the human being to understand. Daniel may help us to be in the right space, just to be ourselves and not to behave differently thus allowing ourselves to be what we are even when a situation or circumstance is very important to us.