t_as105105: “Archangel Azreal”


Top: Iridescent Coral
Lower: Coral
Shakes Together As: Coral

Chakra: First and second chakra

Main Theme: Going beyond separation, receptive to the feminine and touching unity.

The gold iridescence in the upper fraction of the coral brings the possibility of alchemical transformation and release of karmic patterns by bringing our attention to the way we do what we do. This can help with restoring the timeline, freeing us to express compassion and love-wisdom toward others. Also represents feminine receptivity, transformation and going beyond separation towards unity. As we move beyond duality and separateness toward unity of being, we can help to usher in a new Golden Age of consciousness.

Healing Benefits
Deep insight: insight, ecstasy, uplifting.
Awakening to the new consciousness; freeing ourselves of karmic patterns or the seeds of Karma by bringing our attention to the way we do what we do.
Offers a sense of unified consciousness.
Overcoming difficulties of filling the gaps in ourselves by projecting our gifts onto others.

Where To Apply: Apply around the entire lower abdomen.

Affirmation: As I breathe in the reality of love, I loosen my karmic ties.