t_as104104 Archangel Chamael


Top: Pink
Bottom: Magenta
Shakes together as: Rose Pink

Keynote: It is as it is. A new beginning for love. A new order of being as ‘I love myself the way I am’.

Healing Benefits

• The love within supports one, whenever one allows oneself to be.

• When one accepts oneself to the extent that this love brings the possibility to expand.

• The love that says: ‘I love myself the way I am.”

Can help to bring forward the feminine aspects of intuition, protection, self-acceptance and compassion (iridescent pink). This gives more space in our depths to draw love from above for all that we are, as we are (magenta). This loving acceptance of who we are in the moment, rather than who we would like to be, enables a new beginning for love that is free from the judgement of self, which may also help us to accept and appreciate others as they are moment to moment. Helps to be more conscious of and receptive to the feminine side of our being—especially our intuition and to accept that everything “is as it is.”

Affirmation: I love myself the way I am. I let go of what I would like to be.

Where To Apply: Apply in a band around the body in the areas of the 1st/root/base chakra and the 4th/heart chakra.